Quantu me pari beddha



The Salento of the stornelli, love songs and work songs, often accompanied by the rhythm dictated by a tambourine, is the land of the trees of song and culture, the repositories of the Salento tradition. Among them, Uccio Aloisi and Uccio Bandello certainly represent one of the most important cases of Apulian song and oral tradition.

Performed by Uccio Bandello e Uccio Aloisi

Photo from fondazioneterradotranto.it

Lyrics and translation​​

Quantu me pari beddha de luntanu
ca de lu vicinu na colonna d’oru.

Quantu t’amau t’amau lu core meu
e ca mo’ nu ti ama chiui ca se pentiu.

Ulia cu te lu dau nu baciu ‘n canna
e dopu baciata cu te baciu ‘ntorna.

Dici ca nu me olune li toi
e io mancu oiu a tie mo’ ci lu sai.

Aggiu fare l’amore cu ci capisce
e sente la voce mia la riconosce.

How beautiful you seem to me from the distance and up close a column of gold. How much my heart loved you now it no longer loves you, it regrets it. I would like to kiss your neck and after kissing it, kiss it again. You say I don’t want you either, now you know. I have to make love with those who understand hear my voice and recognise it.