Voci in Ascolto (Voices in Listening) is a project born in 2021 from an idea of musician Davide Ambrogio, with the aim of creating connections and opportunities for people interested in Italian oral tradition singing to meet, through workshops and in-depth studies on instrument-voice and choral repertoires.

It has been carried out in various places such as Rome, San Vito dei Normanni, Palermo, Padua, Turin, Arles, Brussels, Paris, Naples and many other cities through live meetings centred on the study of traditional polyphonies, with the aim of creating a common repertoire shared by all workshop participants. Meetings are currently held at different intervals throughout the year in Rome, Palermo, San Vito dei Normanni and Paris.

In live encounters, the study of these polyphonies provides the opportunity to get to know and learn new aesthetic and interpretative elements, in order to enrich one’s musical vocabulary in technical and artistic terms.

The melodic, timbral, harmonic and rhythmic aspects of the songs are analysed in the workshops through an oral approach centred mainly on play, imitation, improvisation and the development of memory linked to sound and words, without the aid of texts and scores.

The live work is supported and fed by VIA, an online platform with exclusive content, created to connect, inform and host people interested in learning more about the topics covered in the workshops.

VIA is a meeting space, a platform for the curious, enthusiasts, scholars or those involved in fields and traditions other than the Italian ones; it is a portal that, every month, will provide exclusive content to deepen the vocal, musical and cultural experience related to oral tradition repertoires.

Davide Ambrogio

Live meeting facilitator
Curator of the VIA platform

Davide Ambrogio is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Calabria who grew up in Cataforìo (Reggio Calabria) and then moved to Rome.

After winning the City of Loano Youth Prize for Traditional Music with Linguamadre and the solo prizes Musica contro le Mafie and Ethnos Gener/Azioni 2020, he released his debut album Evocazioni e Invocazioni in 2021.

Included in the Transglobal Music Chart and the World Music Chart Europe, the album was honored by Songlines Magazine for Top of The World Album in November 2021.